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Thanks to her, our clients are feeling more empowered and have a sense of hope as they overcome their life hurdles. House of Hope staff has heard it time and again from our clients that they wouldn't know where they'd be without her—that they love her, that she's so helpful. Many of our clients, even after they've left our program, are begging to come back to see her again. She is clearly a very talented therapist, but one too who is empathetic and can engage and connect with people regardless of their situation or socioeconomic status.

Thank you Denver Counseling Group!

— Family Tree House of Hope

Talk Therapy/Family Therapy

Talk therapy can be an extremely beneficial mode of counseling, especially when an individual is most comfortable in this type of mental and emotional exploration. Our counselors utilize psychodynamic approaches to mental healing by combining many theories and practices that include dream analysis, attachment exploration, Jungian psychology, somatic experiencing, and object relations techniques. Talk therapy is best for those who may be entering self explorative practices for the first time, those who are experiencing relational difficulties, and individuals looking for traditional cognitive interventions.

Family Therapy can combine aspects of all theoretical models, the primary difference is that the family is now viewed as the client instead of the individual. Family therapy is a useful methodology to resolve communication and behavioral issues within the family system. Families create a network of support when they learn to function successfully. Family therapy views change as a shift of interactions within a system to become healthier and more functional. When an individual is struggling, this individual does not exist in a vacuum they are the result of their genetics AND their environment, including and most importantly their family. The family is where we learn our values, habits, conflict resolution, problem solving, communication style, the list is endless. This is where we go back to the source and make changes. Our Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist incorporates aspects of parent coaching as well to assist with discipline and boundaries, avoiding power struggles, increasing effective communication and loving relationships, and creating consistency and respect within the family.