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Thanks to her, our clients are feeling more empowered and have a sense of hope as they overcome their life hurdles. House of Hope staff has heard it time and again from our clients that they wouldn't know where they'd be without her—that they love her, that she's so helpful. Many of our clients, even after they've left our program, are begging to come back to see her again. She is clearly a very talented therapist, but one too who is empathetic and can engage and connect with people regardless of their situation or socioeconomic status.

Thank you Denver Counseling Group!

— Family Tree House of Hope

Our Services

Denver Counseling Group is a child, adolescent, and adult oriented behavioral health center that integrates many healing modalities. We are grounded in the science of psychological health and committed to the art of caring. Our therapists present a refreshing alternative to the typical medical visit. Whether you are looking for counseling, psychotherapy, dream work, experiential/arts therapies, or parental education, we can customize the care that is right for you and your needs.

The Benefits of integrative medicine are:

  • Increasing self awareness, self esteem and personal autonomy
  • Experiencing links between thought, feeling, and action
  • Increasing and rehearsing adaptive coping behaviors
  • Expanding one’s own movement vocabulary
  • Maximizing resources of communication
  • Expressing and managing overwhelming thoughts and feelings
  • Contacting inner resources through contained, creative movement and play
  • Testing inner with outer reality
  • Initiating physical, emotional, and cognitive shifts
  • Developing trusting relationships
  • Manage feelings that interrupt daily living
  • Enhance social interaction skills
  • Develop ability to recognize and name feelings
  • Promote social, physical, mental and emotional integration