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Thanks to her, our clients are feeling more empowered and have a sense of hope as they overcome their life hurdles. House of Hope staff has heard it time and again from our clients that they wouldn't know where they'd be without her—that they love her, that she's so helpful. Many of our clients, even after they've left our program, are begging to come back to see her again. She is clearly a very talented therapist, but one too who is empathetic and can engage and connect with people regardless of their situation or socioeconomic status.

Thank you Denver Counseling Group!

— Family Tree House of Hope

Movement/Play Therapy

Movement Psychotherapy is a holistic, non-verbal medium of the arts therapies that focuses on the individual's preferred movement patterns apparent in their daily lives. With the belief that movement reflects an individual's pattern of thinking and feeling, using movement, music, props and play may bring awareness and understanding to deeply embedded problems in one's life that may have stemmed from infancy. This medium of psychotherapy is best for those who find verbalizing their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors difficult. Movement Psychotherapy is defined by the ADTA (2010) as:

"The psychotherapeutic use of movement to further the social, mental, emotional, and physical integration of an individual"

Movement Psychotherapy is also considered a somatic therapy as it works primarily with the body. Taking into consideration dreams, imagination, neuroscience, and other social sciences, this medium of therapy is a creative way to resolve past trauma, promotes integration and self regulation, and allows the individual to learn coping strategies and stress management in a holistic and natural fashion.