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Thanks to her, our clients are feeling more empowered and have a sense of hope as they overcome their life hurdles. House of Hope staff has heard it time and again from our clients that they wouldn't know where they'd be without her—that they love her, that she's so helpful. Many of our clients, even after they've left our program, are begging to come back to see her again. She is clearly a very talented therapist, but one too who is empathetic and can engage and connect with people regardless of their situation or socioeconomic status.

Thank you Denver Counseling Group!

— Family Tree House of Hope

Child and Family Investigator (CFI) services

Denver Counseling Group provides Child and Family Investigator (CFI) services within Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe and Douglas counties. These services are for individuals going through divorce or separation and need assistance in making major decisions such as custody, parenting time, and decision making. Official reports are written to the Court recommending what is in the best interest of the child/children.